WAGS AGM 2013 Report


Rain, rain and more rain! 2012 was one of the wettest on record and this exasperated our issue with an underground spring in the vicinity of the water trough. A number of sites running along the central spine of the site have suffered very badly. Because it was an exceptional year for weather, we will need to wait until 2013 is well underway before we can consider if we need to take any remedial measures.

We are currently in discussion with the Parish Council over the gap between the rental income and cost of the lease and hope to reach a conclusion over this in the coming weeks. Until this matter is finalised we are unable to say what possible improvements and investments we will be able to make to the site in 2013. I know a number of plot holders have been dreaming of a shiny new lawnmower to replace the clapped out ones we currently share.

I need to say a special thank you to everyone who helps keep the site tidy and looking its best. There are a number of people who continue to put in extra hours cutting the grass, strimming and weeding.

Since last year’s AGM, we have erected a small section of fencing to demarcate the site entrance and to discourage dog owners from allowing their animals from visiting the site. We have also planted a hazel coppice, hedging to provide protection from the wind and organised 2 ‘muck days’ to collect free manure from local horse owners.

Review of the years events: Last year we enjoyed a number of well supported WAGS events. The plant sale did very well, considering this year it was not timed to coincide with the annual visit of the Morris Dancers to the village. The quiz night was very enjoyable with Donald Tyson’s questions stretching everyone’s knowledge to breaking point, so we will redesign this for 2013. Sadly I myself missed the garden visit to the Cambridge Botanic gardens and lunch but have heard very good reports. We held our first allotment open day in September, which was a great success. We made plenty of new friends over beer and burgers and my son still cannot believe all the old coins that can be found with a metal detector, next to Ann Ramsdale’s back gate. A possible revenue stream for the society? Also thanks to Gary and Angie for representing us at the Widdington Christmas Fair

Allotment Openday Report


We have 1 x 100 sq metre & 2 x 50 sq metre plots availbale for rent of £50/yr & £25/yr respectively. Please 01799542506 for details (sorry, you must be a Widdington resident)

Sunday 9th September was sunny and very warm. A free barbecue lunch was offered to all villagers at the Allotment Open Day. Over 50 Widdington residents attended the informal occasion and looked at the efforts of the allotment holders achieved in a difficult growing season. People chatted about successes and failures in their gardens and allotments.

The children were involved in a treasure hunt (including digging for the treasure) and some found 'Roman' coins in an unplanted plot using a metal detector.

The sunflower competition attracted some impressive (though few) entries - many plants were started but few survived the attentions of slugs. The overall winner (tallest sunflower) was Anthony Vernon (winner 2010 as well). Mo Pluck got a special mention for the largest head - the sunflower's that is.

The vegetable competition saw Robin Dennison win with the longest runner bean; Ken Kemp won the largest 'marrow' and Robin also won the heaviest tomato. Jill Brookman won the 'demented' vegetable class with some untraditionally coloured and uniquely shaped carrots. Special mention should be given to Jenny Devine for the gorgeous courgette cake.

The children's vegetable creature/monster competition was won by Finn Devine; Taylor received a special mention for his creation.

Thank you to all who helped prepare for and provide the occasion and thank you to village friends and neighbours who attended and showed support.

Outstanding Rent - Parish Council Worried

The Widdington Parish Council or concerned over the rental income shortfall from the allotments and WAGS are planning a meeting with all plot holders to discuss what can be done. The date will be annnounced soon.

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